Mil-Spec Wire Aerospace, Defense, and High Performance Applications

WireMasters Stocks material made by QPL manufacturers.  Further, we have certifications and test reports which allows for full traceability of our products.

m22759/16 wire M22759 Commercial or military, fluoropolymer-insulated, single conductor
mil-w-16878 M16878 Unshielded hookup for harness applications , military or aerospace
M81044 wire M81044 High temp, dual-rated, lightweight for airframes, avionics, military, and more.
TE wire TE Connectivity Wire 44A, 55A, 55PC and 82A specification products from T/E Connectivity
M81822 wire M81822 Aerospace, electrical, lightweight, enhanced mechanical toughness
M81381 mil spec wire M81381 Best in extremely harsh environments, vibration, flame resistant
m25038 wire M25038 Designed for use in high temperature and severe environment applications
M85485 filterline 85485 - Filterline Filterline is ideal for areas where power & signal wires run in close proximity
M5086 M5086 PVC jacketed wire that has excellent resistance to abrasion, cold, moisture, fungus, solvents and flame.
Thermocouple wires Thermocouple Wire used to produce a temperature-dependent voltage as a result of the thermoelectric effect
RMS Wires RMS Wires High temp wire, abrasion resistant frequently used in Miniature Firezone areas, swamp and severe wind areas.
Shipboard-LSZH Cables Shipboard Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Flexing Shipboard and Shipboard Thermocouple Cables. Watertight or Non Water-blocked; Armored Or Non-Armored
other-wire-products Other Wire Products Safety Wire, Lock Wire, Buss Bar, Wire Rope, etc.