Molded Shapes

WireMasters offers molded shapes in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes to complete your aerospace and defense wiring systems. Often used in building cable harnesses, you may also hear these molded shapes referred to in terms such as Straight boot, heat shrink boots, Right Angle Boot, Convolute Boot, Transition “T”, Transition “Y”, Shim Boot, etc. When used on the wire harness systems, the molded shapes help facilitate strong bonds and sealants to provide strain relief, environmental sealing, cosmetic coverings, encapsulation, mechanical support, and protection on cable harness breakouts or transitions.

Material such as Semi-rigid flame retarded polyolefin, Fluid resistant elastomer, Flexible modified polyolefin, Viton-polyester blends, Flexible limited fire hazard materials are used to compose the molded shapes. There are also a number of adhesive options types that line the shape to help improve the fit and function of your boot these types might include; Hot Melt Adhesive, Adhesive Tape, and Epoxy Adhesive.

Our WireMasters team can help you determine which shape best suits your application for a quick and easy installation. Enhance your harness performance today with WireMasters molded shapes by calling 1.800.635.5342 or email us at